custom work

  • watercolor sketchbook with a shimmery pink cover and exposed spine with pink thread and lavender ribbon stands upright behind a clamshell box. The box has the same pink fabric covering with white lace detailing along the top and bottom with textured lavender paper along the sides. One the box are dark and light purple centipedes made with embroidery floss.

    glitter & centipedes

    watercolor sketchbook and clamshell box

  • A blank journal is peaking out of a matching slipcase. The slipcase and cover are designed with art from James Spell and the book is sewn with an exposed binding in pink thread. The art consists of blue squares in a variety of shades with some pink tones as accents.

    blank journal with slipcase

    original art, Giverny I, by James Spell

    made for the artist