• Three rows of pamphlets with four each. Top row features the autumn set, the middle has the winter set, and bottom row features the spring set. Set descriptions are available on the collection page.

    seasonal crest collection

    A seasonal block print series featuring artwork inspired by mon, Japanese crests, and the changing of the seasons.

    Works include pamphlet style journals, coptic journals, and furoshiki.

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  • Hardback dark grey journal lays flat on a light grey background. The cover has the disability pride flag colors (red, yellow, white, blue, and green) chain stitched to wrap from the bottom front corner to top back corner. On top of that book is a pocket journal with a grey cover and exposed spine stitched with the disability pride colors..

    disability pride collection

    An ongoing series to showcase disability pride and acceptance.

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  • 2 hardbound books are leaning against each other. Each is embroidered with hearts in rainbow colors up the spine with silver metallic thread between the hearts. The book on the left is white with pastel rainbow colors and on the right is a black cover with dark rainbow colors.

    lqbtqia+ pride collection

    An ongoing series for highlighting the queer and trans community.

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  • watercolor sketchbook with a shimmery pink cover and exposed spine with pink thread and lavender ribbon stands upright behind a clamshell box. The box has the same pink fabric covering with white lace detailing along the top and bottom with textured lavender paper along the sides. One the box are dark and light purple centipedes made with embroidery floss.

    custom work

    Past custom pieces. If interested in your own custom journal or sketchbook feel free to message me through the contact page!

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